Hello Again!

I have been blogging since a very young age. It all started on Xanga and then I eventually moved on to Tumblr. I must admit though, it's been about 5 or so years since my last post on Tumblr. And now here I am, finding my love for writing once again. Even before Xanga, I would write in journals about my day or even short stories. 

Truth be told, I never really know what to write in "About Me" sections, so I'll just leave some FAQs.

How did you get the name Elsie Mae?  My initials are L.C. Elsie is just L.C. spelled out phonetically. Mae is my cultural name meaning first daughter!

What is your ethnicity? I am Iu-Mien. First generation Mien-American here.

How old are you? I'm 24. 

Do you have any pets? Yes! His name is Milo. He's a small, quiet, golden long hair chihuahua mix that I adopted at the animal shelter in 2011. 

What are your current hobbies? Mostly video games and watching Netflix, lol! I'm definitely a home body, but I also like to get out of my comfort zone and model on the side. Would love to travel if I had the means to. Recently, I've been really wanting to go on hikes and reconnect with nature. 

What do you do for work? I'm an Esthetician. If you don't know what that is, think- skincare specialist. To break it down even further, I am a wax specialist, sugarista, aromatherapist; I also perform facials and spray-tans. 

Do you have a guilty pleasure? Cheesecake and puns. Yes, even bad ones.