Your girl is back with a super overdue post. I turned 24 in the month of February and decided last minute to do a mini shoot by myself. Proud of how it came out! The backdrop is just different colored plastic table covers and I bought the one piece body suit from Forever 21. Hope you enjoy the pictures and please excuse the dog hair lol (:

What did you use to take your picture?
- Google Pixel 2 on 10 second timer
- Goose Neck Holder on the balcony

What did you use to edit?
- Facetune
- VSCO Cam


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Milk and Flowers (NSFW)

Hello, hello! Sorry it's been so long since my last post. I had two photoshoots that got cancelled and I was planning to write about those shoots. Well, since they didn't happen, that meant no posts. Anyway! I'm back with another post of a successful shoot with my dear friend, Mike (@mikelouie_). I'm excited to talk about this milk bath photoshoot for two reasons: 
1. I put it together and
2. I can tie my two passions of being an esthetician (skincare specialist) and being in front of the camera together. I'll explain later in the post.

I have always thought milkbath photos were beautiful whether it was a maternity, new born or fashion shoot. But I never thought I'd be able to pull it off. I messaged Mike saying I was interested in doing a shoot like that not knowing if he'd also be interested. To my delight, he was! I would've tried to do the shoot on my own if he wasn't. We agreed to shoot a week later at my apartment. Over the course of the week, I gathered supplies. The supplies costed me about $23. Will list the supplies and how we set up below.

Everything was fine and dandy until I woke up the day of the shoot. I was sick to my stomach nauseous with dizziness and a pounding headache. Still unsure if it was food poisoning or stomach flu. Leaning towards food poisoning. This is not the first time I got sick on the day of a shoot. Back in February, I had a respiratory viral infection during a shoot. I can say I have yet to call off a shoot even when ill. I tell myself it'll only be for two hours at most and go through with it because I don't want to waste the photographer's time and I really want to do the shoot. Mike was totally okay with rescheduling too, but I pushed forward. We actually went to the store to pick up some ginger ale and non-caffeinated peppermint tea to help ease my nauseousness. The drinks helped immensely and even during the shoot, I felt totally at ease.

If you didn't know already, this shoot was way out of my comfort zone. Don't get me wrong, I felt totally comfortable shooting with Mike. It's just the theme itself. I'm not used to revealing so much of myself, but I wanted to do something artsy and different from what I'm used to. To be able to create a vision and bring it to life makes me feel super accomplished. And I have Mike to thank for that. He was able to convey what I wanted through his camera lens. Having worked with a handful of photographers, that doesn't always happen. And in some cases, that's fine, because you're bringing the photographer's vision to life, not your own. 

Another reason I wanted to do a milk shoot was because I can hide my rolls! Haha. I'm not the most fit person, so to be able to give the illusion that I have less fat than I do was awesome. I'm all for body positivity, so if you wanna show every curve and roll you have, you do you booboo! 

List of Supplies

  • 1 Gallon of Milk
  • 10 Artificial Floral Bouquets from 99 Cents Only Stores
  • Sheer Curtain Panel from Walmart
  • Scotchguard from Walmart


So how did we set up this shoot? I bought fake flowers because real ones are expensive. However, real flowers float, while artificial flowers will sink. That's why I bought scotchguard to coat the flowers the day before. Be sure to do it outside or in a ventilated area because the smell is horrid. I did two coats on the back of flowers and one on top, letting the first coat dry before doing the second. 

You're probably wondering why I bought a curtain panel instead of just buying a sheer fabric from Joann's to use as a body wrap. I looked at the prices and it was actually cheaper to buy the curtain panel since it was only $4 where the same fabric at Joann's was more. Always check though since prices fluctuate. 

For the milkbath part, I just filled up the tub with hot water and then poured in a gallon of milk. I actually bought 2 gallons, but ended up only needing one. And as for lighting, all the lights in the bathroom were on along with one small lamp that had day white temperature light and natural lighting from a window that was across the bedroom from the bathroom. It helped cancelled some of the yellow warm tones of the bathroom lighting and then edited to be more cool toned. 

If you're wondering if I shot in the nude, I had a nude thong on. I was thinking of using pasties, but decided not to as the pasties I had didn't fit the theme. I wrapped the fabric around me and got into the tub. The water was actually really hot, I was worried it would cool down really fast, but it lasted the whole shoot and we shot for almost an hour. Mike would place the flowers as needed and since they move around easily, he often readjusted the flowers. I usually like to have music in the background for shoots and I had a whole playlist on Spotify, but put on a movie instead.

And now to tie this to being an aesthetician! So here's a quick tip- milk baths are good for your hair and skin. My skin and hair felt super soft after the shoot. You can even add more benefits to the bath by adding your favorite essential oil. I'm biased to lavender and chamomile since I'm all about relaxation. I have chronic eczema so the milk bath was pretty soothing to my skin. In addition, the lactic acid in milk can give you a gentle exfoliation and it helps brightens the skin as well.


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Meeting Mike and JayCee + Insecurities

I have been on a "meet and greet" streak this year - meeting a handful of people I've befriended over different social networks. I've known Mike (@mikelouie_) for over a decade and finally just met him along with JayCee (@djrychuu) who I've known for about a year. Personally, it didn't feel like meeting them for the first time. Probably because I have interacted with them so much via the internet. So anyways, we grabbed lunch at the Westfield San Francisco Mall and were going to casually shoot around SF. Mike did an awesome job, especially since he ventured out from what he usually focuses on which is landscape photography. Click on his name to visit his website and check out his work! His website will open in another tab.

Now you're probably wondering what kind of insecurities I had this day. For one, when I meet someone that I've known via the web first, I'm always nervous that I might not meet their expectations (whatever that may be) and end up disappointing them. I don't feel like I try to pretend to be more than I am or try to portray myself differently online. It mostly stems from not wanting to disappoint someone I hold in high regard.

The second insecurity I had was something that unexpectedly came up. JayCee had randomly invited Cass (@badcass__) halfway through our day. I've never met or talked to her before. I am not opposed to meeting new people, but I become very shy. JayCee had no idea and probably still doesn't unless he reads this, lol! We picked her up right as we were going to find a place to shoot around SF. I was a little apprehensive when I saw her walking towards the car. Her outfit was so well put together and she looked so cute! And then here I was, wearing a dress I got 7 years ago and boots from 5 years ago. Made me wish I would've put a little a more effort into my outfit, but it was the eclipse that day and I was watching it with my boyfriend on NASA's livestream so I didn't have time. On top of that, I don't have quite the clothes selection I had before I moved into this apartment.

Honestly, I wasn't as comfortable at the mini photoshoot as I could be. Although I shouldn't have, I felt awkward posing in front of, Cass, someone who has such a following on Instagram. She was really nice and I'm glad I met her however! Her style is impeccable and she even makes her own clothes. Totally wish I knew how to sew. But if you get a chance, definitely check her out as well.

Ultimately though, if someone I didn't know doesn't end up liking me, I really don't care so I don't know why I get so shy and anxious when meeting new people. But it's definitely not as bad as when I was a young child. My parents said whenever someone I didn't know said hi to me, I would start crying and that I would always hide behind either one of them, lol.

Until next time!

xx, Elsie

Instagram Links:

Mike | JayCee | Cass

Site Launch

Hey everyone! I'm so excited that you're reading this. I've been wanting to launch my site for the longest time. If it weren't for all the support I was receiving, I don't think this would have happened, so it's all thanks to you. 

So what plans do I have for this site? Well, I've been wanting a place where I can blog, build a portfolio of my modeling, bring together my social media and have a professional business contact.

I really hope you will all enjoy the content that I will be putting out. But if you find it's not your cup of tea, no hard feelings. (: